A Story About The Famous Bling Beanies

A Story About The Famous Bling Beanies 

Bling Beanies were thought of and created for Alexa Marie’s, because winter is never a fun time. The snow is pretty, but it’s always very cold out.

I personally don’t feel cute in the winter time, considering you have to wear a bunch of layers of clothes, a coat, boots, hats, scarves, etc. I never liked the winter time and could never find super cute winter accessories.

If anyone knows me personally, I love anything that sparkles, along with any other girl! Bling Beanies give a little sparkle to the ordinary stocking cap.

What better way to keep warm and look cute other than wearing a bling beanie?! They come in both black and cream.

Personally, before the bling beanies were listed on Alexa Marie’s, I decided to walk around wearing one and received numerous compliments wearing it! People out of nowhere were coming up asking me where they too could get a bling beanie because of how “shiny and pretty” it was. I handed out Alexa Marie’s business cards and told them they would be posted soon. 

Around the holidays, we sold NUMEROUS bling beanies! Everyone wanted one! I almost wish I would’ve ordered them sooner than I did if only I would’ve known how popular they were going to be. 

We still have quite a few left and unfortunately once they’re gone, they’re gone for good. The pictures I have of them are nothing compared to what they look in person and how shiny they truly are! We promise and guarantee you will fall in love with our bling beanies with the amazing sparkle it projects and the warmth it gives! 💗

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