About Us


Alexa Marie's is an online fashion boutique that is based out of a small town in Ohio. Alexa Marie's offers the everything of the latest fashion trends to one of a kind pieces. The owner Alexa is dedicated to offering her customers beautiful items and amazing customer service! 


Alexa, the owner of Alexa Marie's has always had a passion for being a part of the fashion industry and actually graduated from Bowling Green State University with a Bachelor's degree in Fashion Merchandising along with working numerous retail jobs for years. She always dreamt about owning her own fashion boutique and being her own boss. While working different retail jobs she saw top brand companies and what their version of customer service was and wanted to change it up. She wanted to create a store that was fun and cute. A store where women can come to and shop and feel beautiful wearing the items provided at Alexa Marie’s. Alexa’s dream is finally becoming a reality thanks to the support of amazing family, friends and especially Alexa Marie’s customers! Alexa Marie’s thrives off of helping my customers find clothing and accessories they feel beautiful in and seeing them happy! Alexa Marie's would not be possible without all of you, so here is a big thank you from the bottom of our heart!